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This Section of the Website is dedicated to all the hard working professional artists, who labor night and day to give us fans something wonderful to view as we read our comics. We take for granted some of the tiny details that go into each piece of art the artist create.
Click a picture to view the a specific gallery. Galleries are seperated by personia and clothing. If you would like to submit new professional art send it to Art@Loganfiles.com
New gallery
New as of June 7, 2006
TeamX gallery
Team X
Weapon X gallery
Weapon X
Tan/Brown gallery
Original Blue/Yellow gallery
Original Blue/Yellow
Blue/Yellow gallery
New yellow/Blue gallery
New yellow/Blue
X-Men Leather gallery
X-Men Leather
Patch gallery
Logan gallery
Death gallery
Feral Wolverine gallery
Feral Wolverine
Birthday suit gallery
In the buff
James Howlett gallery
James Howlett
Wolverine Cartoon gallery
AOA Weapon X gallery
AOA Weapon X
Military gallery
Poster gallery
Hugh Jackman gallery
Hugh Jackman
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