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This Section of the Website is designed to provide Wolverine fans a Price Guide and a check list for collecting Wolverine, X-Men and MCP, including Regular, Variant and signed Comics. Prices are based on a NM condition, meaning NO tears, cuts and creases. If you comic has those then it would be of less value. If there is any comics I'm missing please e-mail at support@Loganfiles.com, please include all information and pictures, if possiable.
Click the Section you would like to see prices for.
Wolverine Vol.1
Wolverine Vol.1 1-49
Wolverine Vol.1 50-99
Wolverine Vol.1
Wolverine Vol.1 100-149
Wolverine Vol.1 150-189
Wolverine Vol.3
Wolverine Vol.3 1-49
X-Men 1-59
X-Men 60-113
New X-Men
New X-Men 114-156
X-Men 157-199
Marvel Comics Presents
Marvel Comics Presents 1-49
Marvel Comics Presents 50-99
Marvel Comics Presents 100-149
Marvel Comics Presents 150-175
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