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Wolverine Vol.2 #6
So, this priest walks into a Bar

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Cassie Lathrop

Greg Rucka

Darick Robertson
Esad Ribic (Cover)

Tom Palmer

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Virtual Calligraphy's Rus Wooton

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So, this priest walks into a Bar,

Portland, Oregon, Cassie Lathrop describes Logan to a police sketch artist, but after several attempts of trying to sketch Logan, the artist leaves and tells Cassie that the reason that she canít sketch him is because Cassie is too emotionally involved with Logan.

New York City at the Box Bar, Logan sits nursing a beer, when a priest comes in and greets him. Logan ask for the priest to not hide himself, but the priest tells Logan that his appearance would scare the people in the bar. Logan tells the female bartender, Jo to show the priest her hand, Jo reveals that she is a mutant by showing her octopus like hand. The priest turns off his image inducer and reveals that he is really Nightcrawler. Logan ask for a pitcher and three glasses, Nightcrawler makes a toast to Peter, Logan toast to absent friends. Logan pounds the drinks down and demands more. Nightcrawler asked what made him so mad. Logan tells him nothing, but Nightcrawler knows better and asks what was the name of the girl he couldnít save. Logan hesitates, but finally tells him that her name was Lucy Braddock and that she was only seventeen.

Portland, Oregon at Cassieís house, Cassie has a dream that Logan shows up in her home naked and hugs her in bed, she tells him that he owes her some answers, but Logan slashes her with his claws. Cassie wakes up and washes her face in the sink with water and asks herself why she has Logan on her mind all the time.

The Box Bar, Nightcrawler tells Logan that he shouldnít punish himself because he has always shown to be a good, honorable man. Logan tells him that he killed twenty seven men 3 days ago. Nightcrawler pauses and ask if these men were innocent or did they deserve Loganís wrath, because if they didnít Logan would have to be stopped. Logan ask if Nightcrawler thinks he could stop him. Nightcrawler admits that he could not stop him, but would die trying. Logan tells Nightcrawler that the men were apart of a cult that kidnapped young ladies and used them up until there was nothing left. Nightcrawler tells Logan that what he is describing was evil and evil begets evil. Nightcrawler asks if a wolf is evil when it kills the sick out of a herd. They leave the bar and Logan tells Nightcrawler that he is not an animal, Nightcrawler agrees that he isnít. Logan again says he isnít.

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