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Wolverine Vol.2 #22
Enemy of the State: Part 3

Guest Characters:
Baron Strucker
Mr. Fantastic
Invisable Women
Human Torch
Iron Man

Mark Millar

John Romita Jr.

Klaus Janson

Paul Mounts

Chris Eliopoulos

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Enemy of the State: Part 3,

The Baxter building, the Human Torch is working on an old car in the garage and Thing is trying to get Human Torch to rub some steroid stuff on his back that way he stays smooth. Wolverine watches from an air vent in the ceiling.

Hydra Secret base, The Gorgon ask if Wolverine is operating normally since he hasn’t attacked yet, Hydra agents tell him that Wolverine is doing some reconnaissance before he attacks.

The Baxter building, The invisible women goes to Mr. Fantastic’s think tank and finds that he is having a virtual meeting with Tony Stark and Hank. She tells him that he should really spend time with their kids. Mr. Fantastic tells her to turn on a simulation of him for the kids because they wouldn’t know the different.

In the Virtual world, Mr. Fantastic shows Tony and Hank that he invented a therefore and plans to terraform the deserts of the Earth so they could grow crops there. The UN has reviewed his plans and is cautious because the therefore has the potential to be bomb, suddenly the security alarms go off Mr. Fantastic tell Tony and Hank that they should disconnect because they are being hacked.

Garage area, Human Torch and Think hear Mr. Fantastic over the load speakers, he is telling them that Wolverine’s gene-signature has been detected in the data-room and they have permission to use maximum force to subdue, property damage is acceptable. Thing picks up a car and throws it through the wall where Wolverine is, Wolverine dodges the car, but Human Torch grabs Wolverine and crashes him into a wall. Wolverine turns on the fire sprays, which sprays Human torches fire off. Wolverine is about to slash Human Torch, but Thing crashes the floor and they fall to the floor below. Thing tears a pillar down and tries to hit Wolverine, but Wolverine dodges and stabs Thing in the shoulder. Mr. Fantastic stretches and wraps himself around Wolverine. Wolverine uses a Hydra teleported and teleports to another part of the building.

Floor seventy nine east facing wall, Wolverine suddenly can’t breath and falls to the ground. Wolverine turns his upgraded mask’s infra-red lenses and sees that the Invisible Women is standing in front of him. She tells him that she has made a force field around his lungs and then makes his optic nerves invisible. Wolverine goes blind and calls in for a Hydra agent to help him escape. Suddenly the room explodes and a Hydra hovercraft enters, Wolverine jumps aboard and they escape out the window. Human Torch chases the hovercraft. Wolverine gives the Hydra agent a memory chip and leaps from the craft and grabs hold of the Human Torch, they fall and crash into a building, which explodes on impact.

Later, Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Women and Thing go to the burnt down building and ask if the Human Torch was alright, the firemen tell them that they shipped him off to the hospital for severe burns to the body, but just then the Human Torch pulls himself out of the rumble of the burnt building. The firemen realize that Wolverine was in the back of the ambulance that is headed to the hospital, they try to contact the drivers but it was too late, Wolverine killed them both and escaped.

Hydra Secret base, Baron Strucker orders his agents to call AIM to get them to begin construction on some of Mr. Fantastic’s concepts to use as weapons, contact the Hand to double their efforts to create ten new super agents within seven days.

Wolverine Battles:
Wolverine vs. Human Torch = Wolverine wins
Wolverine vs. Thing = Wolverine wins
Wolverine vs. Mr. Fantastic = Wolverine wins
Wolverine vs. Invisible Women = Wolverine wins
Wolverine vs. 2 ambulance drivers = Wolverine wins
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