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Wolverine Vol.1 #67
Valley O' Death

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Professor X

Larry Hama

Mark Texeira

Mark Texeira

Steve Buccellato

Pat Brosseau

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Valley O' Death,

Somewhere in the former Kazakh S.S.R., Logan's body lays lifeless, a pack of wolves approaches and starts to feast on Logan. Logan jumps up and kills the pack of wolves. Logan puts on his Wolverine suit, because the border patrol stole his cloths. An angel appears and tells Wolverine that he is supposed to get Terry Adams.

X-Mansion, Jubilee cleans up Logan's room, Professor X tells Jubilee that it is his fault that Logan thinks he is in the past on a mission. Colossus enters and notifies Professor X that they located Maverick. Psylocke, Colossus, and Cyclops meet up with Maverick in a penthouse on the upper east side of Manhattan. They find a dead girl, who is hovering above the ground. Psylocke is puzzled as to how this can be. Maverick explains that when the girl got killed, her adrenaline levels raised, which increased her mutant power, like rigor mortis, Maverick explains that the effect will wear off. Maverick tells them that thieris a serial killer out there who is stalking mutants, and he was to late to save this victum.

Kazhak Desert, Wolverine staggers across the Desert seeing hallucinations of people everywhere. The angel tells Logan that he has lost a lot of blood and fluids and his healing factor can't keep heal him if he doesn’t replenish the protein and fluids that his body needs, she also tells him that he might start to see hallucinations.

Trading post in the Hindu Kush, the KGB border patrol are bragging about how they killed Logan and stole his cloths. An old man pulls down a wanted sign and shows the KGB, the wanted sign said that the Hand was offering 100 million yen for Logan's dead body. The KGB jump into their armored tank and head back to the bus they shot Logan in.

Back out in the desert, Wolverine lays in the sand, some vultures circle his carcass and then swoop down and begin to peek at his body. Wolverine slashes killing some of the birds, Logan eats the birds for nutrient, so his healing factor could finish healing him. At the bus, the KGB border patrol find that Logan's body is gone, they see footprints in the sand and figure someone stole the body and is going to cash it in for the money the Hand was offering.

X-Mansion, Maverick explains to the X-Men that Terry Adams was not a person, but was actually a place. They had a hard time pronouncing Russian words, Terry Adams was really Tyuratam the name of the Soviet Space center. Maverick realizes that that the Russians had recently installed land mines all around the space center. Colossus, Psylocke, Cyclops and Iceman jump in the blackbird and fly to Russia.

Outside the Soviet Space Center, Wolverine smells the freshly dug soil and the sharp aroma of nitrite-based detonators, Wolverine realizes that their are land mines and he must find another way to get into the Space Center. Suddenly the KGB Border patrol chase Wolverine down in their tank, Wolverine runs at the tank ready to attack, but the KGB run over Wolverine. Wolverine breaks through the bottom of the tank and kills the two men in the tank. Wolverine uses the Russian tank and his fake Russian ID to get into the space center.

Inside the Soviet Space Center, Wolverine finds the girl that he thinks is his angel. Wolverine ask where "he" is. The girl takes Wolverine to a building with a thick solid steel door and tells Wolverine that "he" is in their. Wolverine asks who is "he" anyways. The girl exclaims that inside is her father, Epsilon Red, the Soviet Super Astronaut. The girl finds out that Wolverine is not military intelligence because he should have known about Epsilon Red. The girl realizes that Wolverine the man her mother had warned about, who was sent to kill her father years ago. The girl warns Wolverine that she doubts he could kill him this time. The steel begins to bend, someone is trying to get out.

Wolverine Battle:
Wolverine vs. Pack of Wolves = Wolverine Wins
Wolverine vs. flock of vultures = Wolverine Wins
Wolverine vs. KGB Border Patrol = Wolverine Wins
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