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Wolverine Vol.1 #176
Logan Files: Part 4

Guests Charaters:
Lady Deathstrike
Omega Red
Heather Hudson
James Hudson
Jean Grey

Frank Tieri

Sean Chen

Norm Rapmund

Avalon's Raymund Lee

Richard Starkings

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Logan Files: Part 4,

Somewhere, Logan walks through a mist of light, when he sees a woman who resembles Jean Grey. Logan tells Jean that she canít be there because he was dead and she wasnít. The woman tells Logan that he is between heaven and hell and that his soul will never die. A vision of Logan and Amiko in a medical room is seen. Logan ask if Amiko is all right, the woman tells him that the Weapon X doctors have brought her back to life. The woman tells Logan that in his life heís always been a loner, but always tried to find a sense of family. The Canadian Army Devilís Brigade, Madripoor Princess Bar as Patch, Ogun as a father figure, as a member of Team X, friends of James and Heather Hudson and as a team member of Alpha Flight. The woman tells Logan that he finally found that family with the X-Men. Logan agrees that the X-Men are his family, but wants to know what this is all about. The woman tells him that he has a problem showing emotion, except for Anger.

Darkness, Ogun call over Cyber and they both see Logan. Cyber wants to attack him, but Ogun tells Cyber that they should share Logan with the others.

Somewhere, the woman shows Logan how he found brothers and sisters with the X-Men, including Jean Grey. She ask what it was about Jean Grey that mad her so attractive. Logan tells her that she knows how he fells about her. The woman asks if he held a grudge because Cyclops and Jean Grey got married, and thatís why he didnít go to the wedding and instead watch from afar. Logan admits that he loved he then and will always lover her. Then the women mentioned that Logan didnít attend Colossusís funeral either. Logan says that was because he was mad, the woman tells him that anger seems to be the only emotion that he admits to. Logan says that he showed his feeling when Mariko died, but the woman says that he never had a meaningful relationship with a woman after that. The woman tells Logan that if he doesnít stop suppressing his bad thoughts, he will never know his past. She says that Sabretooth was right, that he is the reason he canít remember his past, she points to a door and tells Logan to enter through it. Logan ask what is behind it, she tells him only he can find out. Logan enters through with the woman.

Through the doorway, Logan looks around and sees hills of green grass and a tree in the distance, where he hears childrenís voices that sound familiar. The woman tells Logan to go over the to find his real origin. Suddenly, 12 of Loganís past enemies show up and challenge him to a fight. The woman tells Logan to go over the hill before its too late. Logan tells her that he never backs down from a fight. Logan leaps into the crowd of enemies, they surround him in a dog pile. Colossus shows up and knocks them all off. Colossus picks up Logan and gives him a huge hug. Logan is glad to see him, then Logan picks up Colossus and throws him like a fast ball special, but reversed. Colossus lands on the crowd and tells Logan to tell the other X-Men that Colossus is with his family and is happy. Logan waves goodbye and they all disappear. Logan looks over to the woman, who is standing in the doorway as it closes, and says that he missed is chance for peace. Logan calls out to her and says Jean. The woman holds a rose in her hand and tells him that she isnít Jean and the doors shut. The woman says goodbye James, my love and hopes that they will be reunited someday.

Weapon X plane, Logan rips out of his body bag, kills the pilots, who were transferring Logan to another facility.

X-Mansion, Logan meditates on all that has happened to him and still has so many questions with out answers. Logan knows one thing is he has to find Amiko. The doorbell rings at the mansion, so Logan answers it, Amiko stands there with a letter in her hand, and Logan stands looking at her in disbelief. Amiko ask if he is just going to stand there, Logan kneels down and hugs her. Amiko gives him the note from the Director. In the note the Director apologizes for what Sabretooth did and explains it wasnít under the authorization of the program to attack his love ones.

Wolverine Battle:
Wolverine(No Powers) vs. 15 Deadly Foes = Wolverine wins
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