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Wolverine Vol.1 #159
The Best There Is: Part 1

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Mister X
Jean Grey

Frank Tieri

Sean Chen

Norm Rapmund

Hi-Fi Design

Richard Starkings

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The Best There is: Part 1,

New York at the top of a ski scrapper, Mister X checks his schedule and sees that he nearly forgot his daily killing, he gets up from his desk and goes over to his office window. Mister X finds a target and gets his high powered sniper rifle and kills a man that happen to be jogging on the street below. Mister X goes back to his desk and thanks his secretary for reminding him.

Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Thursday, Logan has a dream that he murdered all the X-Men, Rogue, Colossus and Nightcrawler come in to Logan's room because they heard him yelling. they try to help, but Logan refuses to tell them the dream and that he keeps having it.

Later that night outside of Diesel bar, Logan leaves the bar and notices that someone is watching him from the rooftop. A group of Elite soldiers lead by the Major call Mister X to tell him that Logan had detected them.

Elsewhere in a restaurant, Mister X is enjoying his meal, while Mister X's bodyguard, Blok watches. Mister X receives the call and is glad that Logan is turning out to be a worthy opponent. Mister X orders them to attack Logan. Mister calls for the waiter for dessert, but realizes that he had already killed everybody in the restaurant.

In the City, the Major tells his men to attack Logan, but they can't seem to find him, they repel off the roof and down to the street and began to search. Logan, who is hiding under a car slashes one of the soldiers ankles and pulls him under the car. The other soldiers open fire on the car, which causes it to explode. Logan leaps at the soldiers as the open fire at him, Logan slashes a gas tank to a soldiers flamethrower, which ignites all the men on fire. Logan lights his cigarette using one of the soldiers heads. The major call Mister X and ask what to do. Mister X tells him to send in T and A.

Elsewhere at the Fub Club, two girls, T and A, try to enter the club, but are refused because the caused trouble last time they were there. A kicks the bouncer in the nuts and T elbows him in the back. A goes and answers her phone, while T keeps kicking the bouncer, the Major tell A that they have a job for them. A stops t and they both take off in their car.

Elsewhere, A man, John gets ready for work, kisses his daughters goodbye before he goes, his wife, Nancy gives him his suitcase and a kiss as he walks out the door. john enters his car puts the key into the ignition and the car explodes before Nancy’s eyes.

Rooftop, the major views the destruction below and tries to see if he can spot Logan. Suddenly he sees Logan right in front of him, he drops the binoculars, pulls out his pistols and opens fire. The bullets rip through Logan's chest and Logan fall over the side of the building. The Major looks over the side to see Logan dead on the street, but instead Logan grabs him and pulls him over the side down onto a fire escape. Logan demands answers, the Major stabs his knife into Logan's shoulder, so Logan slams the Major's face into the metal floor and threatens to kill him unless he starts talking. Suddenly a whip wraps around Logan's neck and pulls him up to the rooftop, where he encounters T and A and Blok.

Wolverine Battle:
Wolverine vs. Six Elite Soldiers = Wolverine Wins
Wolverine vs. The Major = Wolverine wins
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