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Wolverine Vol.1 #137
The Great Escape: Part 5
Countdown to Destruction

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Erik Larsen

Jeff Matsuda

Jonathan Sibal

Mark Bernardo

Richard Starkings
Comicraft's Oscar

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The Great Escape: Countdown to Destruction,

Prison World, Torgo and the Starjammers decide that they need to find Wolverine and stop him from freeing the prisoners and shutting down the prison.

Elsewhere on Prison World, three alien enforcers guard Aria. Aria tries to possess one of them, but canít because of a device on her neck. Wolverine sneaks into the cell through the air vent, jumps down on top of the aliens and slashes on of them. Aria steals one of their weapons and kills one, Wolverine punches the last one out. Wolverine ask why she got him there had hasnít even told him the plan, Aria tells him that she would have but she got captured. Aria shots the locking mechanism on the cell door, which fuses it shut. Wolverine and Aria escape back into air duct. The Starjammers break down the door to the cell and find the alien enforcers on the floor and Aria is gone.

Prison Worlds main power grid, Wolverine and Aria find the main power grid, Aria is so happy she gives Wolverine a kiss. Aria tells Wolverine how to shut off the power, so Wolverine goes to shut it off. As Wolverine shuts it off, a huge alien called Uroc the invincible comes and starts throwing punches towards Wolverine. Wolverine dodges the punches and gives one of his own with his claws, but the claws shatter when they hit Urocís hard skin. Wolverine decides to get Uroc to walk onto a bridge, then Uroc tries to smash Wolverine he causes the bridge to collapse. Wolverine grabs the side of the wall, while Uroc falls into a pit. Prison World, begins to collapse in different areas, Wolverine realizes that he did more then let the prisoners go free, he shut down the energy that was keeping the place together.

Elsewhere on Prison World, alien enforcers attack the fleeing prisoners. Torgo tells the enforcers that when the aliens leave the presence of Prison World will be known and then they are all in trouble.

Prison Worlds main power grid, Wolverine jumps off the wall and onto a alien space ship. Wolverine watches as all the aliens flee the world. Suddenly the spaceship gets shot with a laser and Wolverine falls to the spaceship hanger. Wolverine runs into the Starjammers, who try to tell Wolverine that he made a mistake. Wolverine kicks Raza to the floor, but stopped when Corsair held Aria at gun-point. The hanger begins to collapse on it self and Aria breaks free from Corsair, then Corsair tries to shut her, but Wolverine knocks him over. Corsair tells Wolverine that the prison wasnít made to punish the aliens it was to protect them. Wolverine ask what they needed protection from, suddenly Galactus appears standing over the world.

Wolverine Battle:
Wolverine(no adamantium) vs. 3 Elite Alien Enforcers = Wolverine(no adamantium) Wins
Wolverine(no adamantium) vs. Uroc the Invincible = Wolverine(no adamantium) Wins
Wolverine(no adamantium) vs. Raza = Wolverine(no adamantium) Wins
Wolverine(no adamantium) vs. Corsair = Wolverine(no adamantium) Wins
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