Mister X
Mister X Wolverine Vol.1 #159-161,167-169
Mister X has the mutant ability to telepathicaly see his opponents next move before they do it. Mister X was born with a silver spoon born in his mouth, he was given everything. One day he witnessed a woman who was hit by a car and instead of being sick to the sight, he was drawn in by the woman, who was dying. Mister X stared into her eyes as she was dying and felt a rush. Mister X grow into a teen and was displeased with life, women, possessions, trips, nothing could give him the same rush he got that day, not even doctors could cure him. One day he was washing his puppy, Sparky and decided to put him in the oven and watched while the puppy burned, and he got that rush again and realized what he had to do. Mister X's parents were appalled at what he did, so he killed them too. Then he killed bums, ex-girlfriends. Soon he moved up to people of power and began to train to be a killer under the best masters of the world and eventually killed them. Mister X joined fighting tournaments and would win them all because of his telepathic ability to see his opponets next move.