Gorgon Wolverine Vol.3 #20-28,30-31
Tomi Shishido said his first words at 2 weeks, he walked at 3 months, read and wrote by his first birthday. He established himself as one of the best painters in modern Japan by 4. By 6 he composed his first opera and attempted suicide for the second time. At 13 he devised a mathematical formula that proved God existence. He realized he was a mutant when he discovered he could turn people to stone, just by looking at them, media called him the Gorgon. For four years Gorgon ran a death-cult called the Dawn of the White Light, he then became teh head of teh Hand , then Hydra. Gorgon is a mutant telepath, with super strength, speed who can move with out sound and has teh ability to turn people to stone. Gorgon was killed by Wolverine then Wolverine reflected Gorgon's eyes back at himself using his adamantium claws.