Director Wolverine Vol.1 #166,173-176
Director was assigned to be a guard in a US/Canadian operation at the original Weapon X facility. The Director says he was young and naive and jump at the opportunity, only being on the job for a few days he says Logan escaped. Logan cut and slashes everyone and everything in sight, nothing could stop Logan. Thatís when Logan saw the Director and came over and slashed at his body, then carved into his face, tearing his limps off, the Logan let out a howl and ran off into the forest. Soldiers soon found the Director in pieces and after much operations and procedures his body was restored, but his face would never look the same again, not even plastic surgery could restore it, so he left it as a reminder of what happened. The Director continued to work for the government, but they hid him away in a office, so that no one would have to see him. the director became obsessed with reinstating the Weapon X project and finally after Senator Kelly got assassinated, Project X was approved.